1999-2000 UEFA Cup Winner Squad

    Although Galatasaray plays with a formation like 4-3-3,coach Fatih Terim likes to change team tactic during a match very much.Formation is changeable... 4-3-3 , 3-4-3 or other.The Unchangeable thing is incredible press which gives Galatasaray Success...

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Claudio Andre Taffarel
Bought from Santa Rosa
1,90 m-78 kg


Tafarel This experienced goalkeeper-who played at three World Cups and won one-gives his friends confidence.He's very successful at Galatasaray. Some people thought that Brazil has not good goalkeepers but he proved it's not true...
Gheorghe Popescu
Bought from FC Barcelona
Sweeper-Defensive Midfielder
1,88 m-73 kg
Popescu Former FC Barcelona captain plays a key role at Galatasaray defence. His experience, positioning and vision makes him Commander of Galatasaray defence and an indispensible player.
Da Silva Oliviera-Capone
Bought from Juventude
Centre&Right Back
Capone Galatasaray bought him for a small price but he showed he worths much more than it.

Capone is a really reliable defender with good goalscoring ability.

Hakan Unsal
Bought from Karabukspor
Left Back&Midfielder
1,78 m-78 kg
Hakan Unsal Strenght-Stamina-Speed-Shooting. Who has those four "S" ?

Roberto Carlos?   Yes..                    and Hakan Unsal

Umit Davala
Bought from Diyarbakir
Right Back&Midfielder- Defensive Midfielder-Centre Back-  Striker
1,86 m-74kg
Umit Defence,midfield or forward..It's not important for this guy.Put him in first 11 and be sure he plays well.
Suat Kaya
Came from Youth Team
Defensive Midfielder
1,70 m-62 kg
Suat How hardworking a 33 Years old player can be?See Suat before answering this question.
Emre Belozoglu
Came from Youth Team
Attacking Midfielder- Playmaker
1,71 m-65 kg
Emre He's student of a Football Professor, Gheorghe Hagi and plays like professor of future.High Technique, hardworking,can take superb free kicks,creative... European Giants like Inter,Real Madrid and FC Barcelona  want to buy this 19 year old boy who is already a Star at Turkey  and Europe....
Okan Buruk
Come from youth team
Right&Center Midfielder& Attacking Midfielder- Right Winger
1,69 m-69 kg
Okan While watching Okan,people ask that Can a human being run so much? He added determination to his great skills and now he's the most useful player of Galatasaray.He has everything a player needs and he can play at every team in the world.
Arif Erdem
Bought from Zeytinburnu
Right&Left Winger- Striker
1,80 m-72 kg
Arif He's surely the most intelligent player of Turkey.His pace,flair,dribbling and rocket shoots are enough to smash up any defence.He has been playing with Hakan Sukur for years and their partnership gives Galatasaray great successes.
Gheorghe Hagi
Bought from FC Barcelona
Playmaker-Attacking Midfielder
1,74 m-73 kg
Hagi His technique , creativity , flair , dribbling , incredible long shoots and free kicks make him one of the legends of world football history. After Real Madrid and Barcelona he came Galatasaray when he was 31. Somebody thought he was very old his football life was close to end. In his fourth year in Galatasaray he's still playing like a young man and he shows people age is not important for some players.Football professor Hagi will retire from football at the end of this season but we'll never forget him...
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HAKAN SUKUR Look at factfile section too see details of his career.
Fatih Akyel
Came from Youth Team
Right&Centre Back
1,80 m-79 kg
Fatih He's 22 years old but already a star at Galatasaray and a first team member of Turkish National team. He's very fast,strong,good at positioning and marking.He's also a good header.What a player need more?Nothing..He's a great player and many european teams want to add him to their squads.
Ergun Penbe
Bought from Genclerbirligi
Left&Center Midfielder-       Left Back
1,78 m-64 kg
Ergun Despite being a midfielder with very high technique and ball skills Ergun is playing as a left back in these days because Hakan Unsal is injured.But he performed so great in UEFA Cup Matches and league that it looks like Ergun is an indispensible player and he is one of the best left backs of the world.
Hasan Gokhan Sas
Bought from Ankaragucu
Left Winger-Striker
1,76 m-71 kg
Hasan Sas Hasan  Sas is a very good player and a Turkish Football Star who has  pace,technique and dribbling.
Bulent Korkmaz
Came from Youth Team
1,81 m-75 kg
Bulent Galatasaray Captain Bulent has been playing for Galatasaray and Turkey since he was a teenager.His determination,strenght and marking ability make him a great defender. Despite these great abilities he made some positioning mistakes in some important matches and lost his place in first team.But he worked very hard and get it back this year and showed everybody he's still a great player.
Tugay Kerimoglu
Came from Youth Team
1,75 m-70 kg
Tugay He made his first team debut for galatasaray when he was 17 years old and since then he has been a first team member .He played for Turkey more than 50 times.His high technique, incredible creativity, ball skills and international experience make him a real football star and a legend for Galatasaray fans.Now he's playing for Glasgow Rangers FC to show Scotland his talent.
Ahmet Yildirim
Bought from Istanbulspor
Centre&Left Back- Defensive Midfielder
1,85 m-75 kg
Ahmet This is a reliable defender who is strong , good at air and marking.He may find a first team place if one of  the first line defenders is injured.
Mehmet Bolukbasi
Goalkeeper Terim bought him from a 3rd division team and put him into first11 immediately.He performed well.After arrival of Taffarel he couldn't find a fist team place.
Emrah Eren
Right Back-Winger He's a quick player with good dribbling and crossing abilities. He performs well at Turkish Under21 team and shows Galatasaray right side is in safe hands.
Mandingo Dos Santos Marcio
1975-1,87 m-78 kg-Brazilian
Striker Terim trusted him and put in first11. He scored some fine goals in league and showed he's a good goalscorer. But Galatasaray plays with only 3 strikers in European competitions and he's thought to be an alternative of Arif.
Ewerton Bruno Quadros
1977-1,85 m-79 kg-Brazilian
Defensive Midfielder Terim expects he'll be a good player and he's loaned out for some experience
Saffet Akyuz
Came from Istanbulspor
Striker He's one of the top strikers of Turkey capped several times.He's quick,opportunist...a natural goalscorer.But he's not in form this year and loaned out
Burak Akdis
Striker He's thought to be new Hakan Sukur of Galatasaray...tall and hardworking like Hakan but he needs more experience...
Mehmet Yozgatli
Attacking Midfielder-Striker This young and talented guy is one of the stars of future but it's early for him to play at fist11.
Vedat Inceefe
Centreback He was one of Fatih Terim's favourites.While playing for a second division team Terim had choosen him for EuroCup96 Turkish Squad and he performed very well at the Cup. But his indiscipline and inconsistency was unacceptable.He got a 6month ban after biting a player and it looks ery difficult for him to find a place at Galatasaray's successful defence line
Alper Tezcan
Right Back It's easy to see his potential but it's hard for him to find a place in first-11
Tolunay Kafkas
Defensive Midfielder He was a star at Trabzonspor and Turkis national team.Fatih Terim bought him for a big money but he dissapointed everybody.
Osman Coskun
Left Back-Winger This is a talented player with good skills but he's unlucky.Because Galatasaray has very good left sided players.
Ufuk Talay
Center Midfielder Souness saw his potential and used him.But he couldn't find a place in first-11 after Souness and loaned out